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Our new partnership with Viking Canal Boats

Exciting things are happening at Lakeland Leisure Boat Sales, and we’re extremely pleased to announce that we have recently finalised an exclusive deal with Viking Canal Boats!

In a deal headed by our boat sales manager Anthony, we now have sole distribution rights to sell Viking’s vessels in the United Kingdom for the next two years with a view to extend in future.

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Viking Canal Boats have a wealth of experience and knowledge, completing their boats to the very highest quality of workmanship. All boats are luxurious, beautiful and built to last with carefully crafted kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. Since their conception in 2007 the company has grown rapidly and together we will be helping expand operations to satisfy the increasing demand for their vessels.

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With their distinctive and striking design, featuring a dragon head on the prow of each boat Viking has a fascinating history. Based in the town of Wolin, situated on the Southern tip of Wolin Island in Northwestern Poland. The name is an ode to the history of Vineta which was a settlement in the area dating from the 9th century. For a long time Vineta was home to the explorers, warriors, merchants and pirates named the Vikings, and we will now be bringing a piece of that history to you.

With no compromise on quality Viking’s Boats are built to the very highest standards of craftmanship and quality, our customers will be provided with all life’s little luxuries at the best prices possible and we very much look forward to what the next few years have in store.

To find out more information and to browse some beautiful boats, just click through to the Viking website below!

Viking Website

Piqued your Interest?

Why not take a look at the three Vikings we currently have on brokerage at our Tattenhall, Roydon and Saul marinas?

50ft Viking 8

50ft Widebeam

Available to view now at Tattenhall Marina, Chester

For more information just click here

Viking000 min

58ft Widebeam

Available to view now at Roydon Marina Village, Essex

For more information just click here

60ft Viking 2

60ft Widebeam

Available to view now at Saul Junction Marina, Gloucestershire

For more information just click here

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